The Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

I saw Satan like lightning falling from heaven.

Luke 10:18

What happens in the cosmos in time is a mirror and a consequence of what is known timelessly in heaven, where God’s knowledge comprehends all times and all ages, what was and is and  is to come, and the providential biography of every creature from the sparrow to the saints.  In the Book of Revelation, after the great commissioning vision of Christ, the first and last, who died but ever lives (1:12–16); and after the message to the seven Churches (2:1–3:22), God opens for the Prophet John a door in heaven:  “Come up hither and I will show you the things which much be done hereafter” (4:1).  What John will be shown is not a chronology but the pattern of time.  John’s vision is story-like in that it has a beginning in God, a peripety or turning point in the Incarnation, and a magnificent ending in the vision of the New Jerusalem, Christ its center, creation restored. Continue reading “The Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time”