In Remembrance of Dr. James Patrick: His Insights, Thought, and Teaching



Friends and Patrons of the Lewis Tolkien Society: 

As Dr. Patrick would say, we’re still in the business of saving Western Civilization. In that unflagging, irrepressible spirit, I’m writing to affirm that every program you’ve loved—every program Dr. P cared about, stood for, and set in place, continues.

Specifically that means:

  • Text & Talk on Saturdays
  • The Lewis Tolkien Society dinner in November
  • Rofters (Readers of First Things)
  • Annual honorary lectures, such as the Thomas More, Thomas Howard, and John Henry Newman lectures.

Dr. Patrick’s presence is keenly felt in programs featuring a lineup of scholars and speakers who knew and admired him. Join us to meet the people, share the ideas, and continue to nurture and enjoy and grow in all that Dr. Patrick planted. 

Step one is this Saturday at noon, the first in a five-week Text & Talk series at Christ the King Family Center.  Dr. Ron Muller—longtime friend and colleague of Dr. P—will lead. (See announcement below.)

In his long life, just by teaching what’s true, Dr. Patrick drew people who became lifelong friends, influencing one another in the love of learning.

Join us as we continue the common tradition to read, think, discuss, learn, and grow.


Jim Roseman

Chairman of the Board of The Lewis Tolkien Society.


You’re invited to join the friends, members, and associates of the Lewis Tolkien Society


In Remembrance of Dr. James Patrick:

His Insights, Thought, and Teaching

12:00 noon

Beginning Saturday, April 13

Christ the King Catholic Church

8017 Preston Rd, Dallas


Please make plans now to attend a new series of Saturday “Text and Talk” sessions to review and remember the vision and legacy of Dr. James Patrick, author, professor, lecturer, and Provost Emeritus of the College of Saint Thomas More.  Join the Society, founded for the renewal of the common tradition of Western civilization to advance learning in the light of Christian revelation and those insights which form a truly human life, as we honor Dr. Patrick’s unceasing dedication, industry, and love for truth.


Moderated by Dr. Ron Muller and members of the Lewis Tolkien Board, the Saturday sessions will explore topics and themes taken from Dr. Patrick’s extensive writings, lectures, and memorable teaching. Those attending will be invited to participate through active discussion reflecting on topics such as:


“Ideas have Consequences”

“The Legacy of Athens and Jerusalem”

“Great Books and Great Ideas”

“The Christian Worldview”

“Lewis’ Abolition of Man


Join via Zoom if you’re unable to attend in person by finding the link at

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