Habits of the Heart

Habits of the Heart, a moral adventure novel by James M. Roseman, fellow of the Lewis Tolkien Society. Available from the publisher at Habits of the Heart- Wipf and Stock Publishers and on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and other distributors.

A story within a story opening in the chaotic days of 1967.

Through the doorway of the little house on the cover, a young sophomore in college confused by the times finds a respite from the storm at an Easter family gathering, and so much more.

Listening to his great grandmother tell stories of old, he is captivated. So much so he asks his grandfather to tell him more.

The Saga: In his grandfather’s extraordinary story, he discovers the life of an ordinary man of essential servitude forged on the unyielding anvil of life. And realizes how important these stories are in the noise and chaos of ’67—perhaps even more so now.

Habits is a lived picture of the “habits of the heart” Alexis de Tocqueville saw when he came to America in the 1830s. Through his grandfather’s story, the confused sophomore discovers how good habits are formed and passed from generation to generation and woven into the fabric of life, and how important they are in life’s perilous storms.

Praise for Habits of the Heart

“James Roseman’s Habits of the Heart is a significant, autobiographical story of the way in which a child of the sixties, a wanderer across the confusing terrain of modernity, claims his own past, the story of his forebears, confident in their own epic and sure in their faith.”

                                                 —James Patrick, chancellor emeritus, College of Saint Thomas More

“Given the cultural and political crisis in which we find ourselves today, James Roseman has written a most timely and engaging novel that should speak to us all. Habits of the Heart summons us to encounter again traditions and values that are a vital part of our common heritage—regardless of race, creed, or origin—which can point us once more toward our rightful destiny as a people.”

                                                  —J. Larry Allums, executive director emeritus, Dallas Institute of the Humanities

“This book is unique and unusual. It is life lessons and character building in the form of a novel, a novel of messages delivered via a family saga. It’s full of sadness and realism, yet still a story about hope and perseverance. It’s tragic in a way, uplifting in another. And that’s the way real life is: bittersweet.”

                                                 —Ann Howard Creel, author of The Magic of Ordinary Days

 “C. S. Lewis said, ‘Reason is the natural organ of truth, but imagination is the organ of meaning.’ Philosophical truth becomes ‘real’ through metaphor and story. James Roseman has demonstrated this beautifully. This is a captivating, vibrant, compelling story. Yet it left me with so much more: a visceral understanding of and a deep longing for the good ‘habits of the heart’ that are essential for our thriving as a person and as a people. Marvelous!”

                                                 —Fred Durham, director, C. S. Lewis Institute – Dallas


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